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Caramel Apple & Spice Mix Bundle   

Make your own spiced wine at home! Each bundle contains 1 bottle of our Caramel Apple wine and a package of our August Hill Spice Mix (wine glass in picture is not included). There's enough spice mix to make two batches of spiced wine. Our Caramel Apple wine has refreshing flavors and aromas of crisp, juicy apples and delicious, creamy caramel in this light, sweet wine. When mixed with our August Hill Spice, it's like Fall in a Glass.

Our favorite recipe is 1 bag of spice mix (2 bags come in the spice package we sell), 1 bottle of wine, and 1 wine bottle of cranberry juice (about 3 1/8 cups). We warm it up at our Tasting Room in a large coffee pot, but you can warm it in a crock pot or on the stove.